Monday, December 03, 2007


These are all the things that give me a warm glow when I think about them. Actually, they give me sleepless nights. I was jejely trying to get some sleep, when I started writing up this post in my mind. Anyways, here goes:

TY Bello: This photographer and singer is a role model and inspiration of mine. She’s God fearing and hip at the same time. Really loving her album Greenland, had to get mumsi to send it to me from naij. Songs I’m really loving on it are Greenland, Funmise and Ekundayo. Tres, tres lovely

Four Kornerz: These guys are like the hottest gospel band around. They performed once in my church and that was it! Love! Their album soulelectric is also really hot. Was supposed to see them in concert bout two weeks ago but couldn’t make it due to the status of my pocket. Sob, sob. It really pained me when they didn’t get the best gospel award at the mobos because I voted for them so many times, it’s all good though. Nyways, if you guys don’t know them already you have to check out their website

Nneka Egbuna: Just found out bout this chick and I am yet to lay my hands on her album, heard some stuff on her website though and seen the video of uncomfortable truth. I’m really liking what I’m seeing so far. She’s been dubbed the new lauryn hill. What I like the most about her is her naturalness. She’s seems so unpretentious and she’s got a lovely voice. She sings gospel too which is a plus. Wish her all the best!

Duro Olowu: As you can see all the people so far on my list are Nigerian. Just trying to support peeps from Greenland. Nyways, This guy is a top designer; he showed his collection at the London Fashion week a few months ago. Loved it plus there was loads of green stuff in it and I’m a sucker for anything green. Seriously tho, very talented guy and it’s always good to see a Naija person doing something well and succeeding at it. I wonder if I could get a modelling contract or something from this guy in return for all this publicity….lol! Just trying my luck.

Prison Break: Wentworth Miller is so HOT and he’s even hotter playing Michael Scoffield in this show. I always feel kinda macho when watching this cuz it’s quite intense. It always leaves me jumping on the sofa out of anxiety and they are very good at leaving people in suspense. Good watch!

Heroes: This is also one of my fav, TV shows. Hiro must save the world! Lol. There’s a guy that can read peoples mind, a guy that can travel through time, a guy that can explode, a girl who heals and all sorts in this one show. The last episode of the season is coming up this week. What am I gonna do on Wednesday nights now ehn? Sob. I’ll miss you.

Green: What started out so innocently is now a wild love affair. I am in love with this colour. It’s vibrancy, its freshness and how good it looks on me just gets me every time. Sigh, I’m so in love. Green clothes, green shoes, green eye shadow… but no matter how much I love you, our love cannot extend to green hair and crazy stuff like that. Lol! I don’t think I’m ready for that level of commitment.

Ankle Boots: These sexy things are so in season right now and its paining me cuz now I have to share them with everyone. But honestly high heeled ankle boots are just fabulous!

Agyness Deyn: I don’t but this chick has something bout her that you just gotta love. First time I saw her in a mag, she was wearing this ridiculous dress but she still looked uber fab in it. Watch out Kate Moss.

American Gangster: On a normal day, this isn’t my cup of tea but my man (said slowly in Denzel Washington’s voice) I love this movie. It’s a true story about a mobster drug dealer in the 70’s. I saw an interview with the real Frank Lucas and he’s a changed man now, campaigning to stop gangsterism. I have a friend who aspires to be the next Frank Lucas. God help him!

Kanye: Was also supposed to see Kanye few days ago but my plans got messed up. I’ve always loved Kanye, he’s just so cool. He also beat 50 in the contest for most albums sold. I was very happy bout that cuz I really don’t like 50 plus I think Graduation is really good compared to what quite a few people think. Anyway, I really sympathise with him for the loss of his mom. Stay strong my brother.

Adrian Grenier: This guy is officially the cutest guy alive. Move over Lemar, it’s time for a new flame (I’ve had a crazy crush on Lemar for years). He’s the boyfriend in The Devil wears Prada, he’s on entourage and he also has his own band. Love, love love!
Christmas: Don’t you just love Christmas! The lights and decorations everywhere you go, singing Christmas songs in the snow….okay, I haven’t seen snow for the past 2 years but still, Christmas is just the best time of the year. I have my birthday 10 days before Christmas, you get holidays from school, get to home and spend time with family peeps you don’t normally get to see, parties, free money and presents. The only thing that would make it even more perfect would be sunny weather, which is why I have to go to nig. Please help me pray cuz I really want to go home for Christmas. All I want for Christmas is La-a-a-lagos!

My peoples, that’s all I got for you. Hope everyone is in the Christmas spirit as well. Nyways, I need ideas for something. Things to do before you turn 18. Feel free to drop comments on this and don’t feel limited…lol, I’m feeling very adventurous.
God keep and bless everyone visiting here. Stay Fab!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


OMG! I have just gotten rejected by one of the uni's applied to! I'm begginning to panic now. What if I don't get any offers! I am really worried at this point, almost paranoid. God help me.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Why, just why do I find myself thinking about you a lot more than I should?
I'm trying, trying really hard to stop myself from liking you as more than a friend.
I hate, hate the way I find myself wanting to hear your voice more than once in a while.
Why, why do I have the feeling that if I ever allow myself to like you, I'll end up regretting it.
I really can't handle this. I just wish I could get you out of my head

Friday, October 19, 2007

Finally found my way back

Hey guys! I'm back ! it's been a long while I know. Ive been meaning to put up a post for ages and I had a very long one prepared but I kinda deleted it by mistake.
Really missed blogging but Ive been so friggin busy.

Nyways, loads of stuff's happened since my last post but I cant fit it in here. Right now I'm in my final year of A levels, hoping to get to uni nxt year. I hope I get into the uni I wanna go. Doing this, ultimately means working very very hard. God help me.

I think right now I'm in the middle of some kind of evolution. With me hitting the big 18 very soon, it seems like I am actually growing into a more mature person. For the first time I have started to see thing in a different light. I am beginning to actually know myself.

From the little knowledge I am beginning to grasp of myself, I'm hoping to apply it in certain areas of my life. To actually start the process of building dreams that have been accumulating.

God help me.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

He's watching you, he's lookin at your ass!

Hey guys! Hope you all had a lovely week? My week was alright, rainy, but still alright. I've been studying alot cuz my exams are coming up and panic is grabbing me, which is a good thing because it is that panic that is making me study hard. Nyways, can you imagine, you know the dude I was talking about in my last post, I found out that the guy was always staring at my ass. He used to do it so often that his girlfriend had an arguement with him over it. Hmmm, on top my flat ass! I was shocked cuz I never even had the slightest idea that he used to stare at ass, course, our eyes jammed a few times, but I didn't know it was not my eyes but my ass that was attracting all that attention. I can't blame him sha, even though I think my ass is a bit flat, it's still better than his girlfriend's Oyinbo one. His loss though cuz that piece of news made me loose any trace of the crush I had on him. Now, I'm even wondering what I saw in him in the first place, he's always doing big boy too much and he's not even that fine sef!
I'm really missing all my peeps in naija, like seriously! My sis, is so funny. Everytime she wants me to call her, she just sends me an email saying"Tiwa it's very very urgent, abeg call me" the last one I recieved was " Tiwa, it's a matter of life and death! call me plus I have plenty jist for you" lol..abeg tell me how does jist combine with matters of life and death. When I call now, she'll be like "no...I just wanted to hear your voice" You gotta love that babe. when I was in Naija we used to fight like hell, but as they say "Absence makes the heart grow fonder".
Gotta run now, take care y'all and have a lovely, lovely weekend!Adios!

It's been a long time!

Hey guys, longest time. been really busy and I have exams coming up so I'm really jacking and all. Wish me luck! Plus, I've been dealing with the heartache of unrequited love..... sob.... Okay.., maybe it's not full blown love.....alot more like 'like' but it's still unrequited sha, that's the koko. The whole jist is that there's the guy I really like but the problem is he has a girlfriend. Can you imagine? I like a guys who already has a girlfriend, how sad is that, hmm. Thing is, I don't think he really likes the chick according to rumours he is just using her for a bit of bootie. Shey,after hearing such rumours, I shouldn't have just removed my eyes from there. Afterall, I can't like a guy who treats his girl like that, if he does that to her he'll obviously do the same to me if we ever get together but no, my people my eyes no gree leave am! and for weeks I was dwelling in the fantasy that he actually really liked me and was just using her to make me jealous because our eyes were always jammimg, like seriously, I used to catch this dude staring at me all the time and he was always really nice to me. But, thankfully I have now come back to my senses and realised that "a little eye jammin and niceness don't mean the dude like you so Tiwa, move on up!"Plus, me and the guy used to yarn only when there was no one else around, dodgy right?Anyway, I think i can say that I'm almost totally over him. I'm sure he's no good anyway.

To a much brighter and exciting note, I am loving summer right now! The sunshine just lifts my spirit and makes me smile. I have been lying in the sun all week, the problem is I have forgotten that i am not oyinbo and I have gotten a bit darker which I am not lovin at all! Do you guys know, if sunscreen can help reduce the darkening effect of the sun on my skin? (Don't mind my oyinbo!)

I was also in a really cheesy school prospecteus photoshoot. You know those kinds where you pretend to be studying with some one looking all serious, or having fun in class, or walking down the hill with a buch of friends and you guys look like you're having the time of your life...that kind of photoshoot. At the end of thing, my cheeks were aching from smiling and laughing too much. Every time we posed for a picture, the yeye photographer kept saying "even happier, bigger smiles". I don't think I ever smiled so much in my life. We were just smiling at everthing! Those pictures are going to look so fake! They kept taking us to all the fine places in the school that we students starngely have never seen the school head's back garden. So, that the poor prospective students will think we're living in paradise. yeye people! But it was fun sha! and i got to skip all my really boring classes.

On to something else, I was on naija vixen's blog recently and I saw the video of one guy called KAS. I was very suprised cuz I remember like two years ago I met this dude. we were some place, that i can't remember and he heard me and a friend talkin about naija songs and he came over to us. He said he was a musician and at that point in time we had never seen, heard or even smelt a whiff of any one called KAS, so we were quite skeptical. Nyways, dude gave us his cd with his number on it. When I got home, i threw the cd somewhere and that was the last I heard of it until a few days ago, after i had seen his video on naija vixen's blog. This thing pained me because if I had called the guy around that time he gave me the cd we may have become pallies and now, I could have been boasting everywhere that I knew him. Me, that i have been looking for some famous person to claim eversince. Can u imagine? If i call him now he'll be like "what, tiwa from where?" I messed up big time mehn! I could, be getting free tickets to gigs and all that now. Oh well! I hope he makes it big time sha. Nyways,that's all for now folks, hope you all have a fab week! ciao!

Monday, April 16, 2007


Hey guys! longest time, i've been really busy and ill for a while so thats why i haven't been around. Nyways, ow y'all doing? Ope u all had a lovely easter. I just wanted to pop in to say hi to all u guys that are missing me so much(i Know u are ;) ) lol. take care luvs

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hollywood's next top actress

Seriously, one minute time is going so darn slow and the next you're looking to find out where it went so quickly. Not much happened last week, usual school stuff (which means boring stuff like lessons and d like), although there is one highlight to my week. I acted in my very first proper drama! yay me! watchout cuz i'm too hot for nollywood, I'm heading straight to hollywood!! who dash monkey bannana? At first, I was very nervous about it cuz I didn't exactly plan to be in the just kinda happened that I auditoned and I got the part. Although there were a few mishaps on stage like er........forgetting my lines, I didn't do too badly! I didn't know that there was a hollywood star in me all along. So, I've started searching for the perfect designer dress to wear to the movie awards to collect my award for Best new actress. Are there any blogville stylists that can get me the perfect dress, just know that I don't do cheap. I want something stunning and sexy. I will also need a hairstylist and a makeup know I have to look perfect on my night. However, all this would be on credit, because as you know this is only my first movie...........but if you help me look stunning enough to get another part.........I'll make it worth your while. When I become a big actress, you'll start reaping the benfits and you won't regret it ; ) And of course, I won't forget to thank you when i'm collecting my award. LOL

Thanks, for you ideas on what to get mumsie for her birhtday gift, I was planning to buy something big, but I guess it's really just the thought that matters but i still try and get her something nice.

Friday, February 23, 2007

who' da boss?

Lately, a lot has been going through my mind. So much that I have started daring to question some things . Thing is, I know in my heart of hearts that God reigns and rules over us and protects his children but so much happens in the world that just makes you wonder ....."Is there really a God or are we just decieving ourselves?" Still, no matter what my head thinks and and what happens in the world that remains...unexplainable, there is proof that God was, is and will be. So how doe we reconcile these two things, the proof of God and places where there is no evidence of God.

Sure, there have been some attempts, "God only works where he is called" or "it is the people letting the devil do bad things to them?" But how can a God so loving, sit back and watch horrible things happen to the people he so wonderfully made. People killing each other over nothing, people suffering so much to get money to survive and some next man just ripping it off them.. how do you explain a child who has never wronged anybody being brought ito a world of suffering, famine or war. There has to be a plausible explanation, yes, I know the heart of man is wicked but why do bad things happen to good people and vice versa? why won't people think, "why should I believe in God?.. so far, I've had nothing to do with him and I have been perfectly alright and all those who claim God are suffering." They shouldn't be able to think so. Sometimes, I think maybe it's just ignorance to believe everything revolves around God and that maybe we christains are just to scared to accept a world without God cuz then it would mean we have no hope, it would we won't have that last person to help us when everything else fails, it would mean we can't tell ourselves that our situation would change , it would mean there would be no one to help us in our trying times , it would mean we have no protection or defence from all the dangers of the world ..... it would simply mean no hope and that we can't live with.
Still, I know that God truly exists, reigns and rules and he is exactly who he says he is in the Bible. I know this because I believe, I believe because I have no other option than to believe, because God is the only hope I have and there is no other way to describe my being alive and having everything I have other than it is the work of God. Even though, I cannot understand or explain the way he does his work, why he does it that way and not the way I think is best, I know that he is in control and he knows what he is doing.
I know that was some heavy stuff, but I just had to get it out of my mind. Besides thinking, I've home having a good midterm..Oh! the joy! just being able to wake up anytime I like, lounge on the sofa and watch T.V all day plus I get to eat proper food. ...Fajii ni mo wa! sadly, all this has to end soon and I'll have to go back o school and face my reality. Nyways, i'm thinking of what to get my mum for her birthday.....any ideas?

Monday, February 12, 2007

I still know what you did last weekend!

I've been meaning to blog for a long time but you know I'm a very important person, it's hard to get me in one place for!

Nyway, last weekend was very.........! Went to watch Dream girls on friday and it was wonderful. I loved it and I can't wait for the DVD to come out so I can buy it. The funniest and nicest part was when the Effi(jennifer hudson) was singing the song about not going anywhere and her boyfriend was going to love her by force, she went mad in that bit...but seriously, the girl can siiing! You guys that haven't watched it probably don't know what I'm talking about but the happening people who have watched it will!

As I was saying, so saturday we had socials in school and I actually enjoyed it plus I looked super cute! Loads of funny stuff happened, one of my friends, who was very drunk got punched by a very mean looking, chavvy chick. What happened was, my drunk friend in her drunken haze accidentally stepped on the chick's toes and next thing you know....she was all over my friend. But that didn't it spoil it for me cuz my friend wasn't hurt that bad..shes a tough girl. Nyways, after the socials, we then went to another friends house.This is where stupidity and drunkeness combined and we started playing know what happens when you start playing spin-d-bottle....every one got off with each other..minus me oh! I only got off with one guy (as if that makes me any better!) but still I was the most innocent person there. The next morning I couldn't believe what I had done....I mean Tiwa doesn't just kiss any random guy that comes her way especially for a dare! I wasn't even that drunk. I mean what was I thinking?.....I really felt terrible the next day but luckily I might never see the guy again cuz i'll be so embarrasedto see him againand it's even better cuz he wasn't even a good kisser!(what a way to have my first kiss! yes, my first kiss! arggh ..mingin!)

Honestly.... I don't know what I'm becoming. If my mother should hear this she will just disown me! Even some of my friends I'm scared that if i tell them..they'll criticize me. I know they might not.....but I just feel that way. I mean, I've always been known as a "good girl" and you know how naija peeps are. Nyways, now I've kinda gotten over it. It's not the end of the world plus it was just a kiss right? the thing is... it's not the act of kissing I'm worried about but the fact that I kissed a random guy that I don't even know that well in SPIN-D- BOTTLE! You might be thinking what's the big deal? but for me "Tiwa" it is a very big deal. But as I said earlier, I've gotten over it. I know when I'm like 25 or something and I look back at it, I'll be like "Gosh! what a naive girl I was!" So, I'm looking ahead till then!

Gotta run, catch you guys later! Much lurve!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Here’s to friends who are there in the good times and in the bad
Sometimes you wish you never knew them
And sometimes you can't do without them.
Friends know you so well; they can tell when you’re happy, sad, pretending you’re not angry with them, when you really like that guy you tell them you hate.
Friends you’re just happy to be around,
Who bring the best out of you and encourage you to be strong.
Friends who you can be yourself with,
Friends you don’t have to pretend to be something else with.
Friends who can trust you with their biggest secrets…with their lives.
Friends who stay in your memory through out your life,
Friends that you’re thankful to God for.
Friends, who though are not perfect you are ready to overlook their faults.
Friends come in all shapes and sizes and in the most unusual places.
Here's to friends that have touched our lives

Monday, February 05, 2007

Psychic tag

Question 1:
Imagine you are in a desert (are you there?);
now imagine a ladder (are you seeing it?);
Now what is the position of the ladder? i.e. Lying down, Resting on something, Standing alone...
It’s standing, dunno if it’s resting on something but I can only see the ladder

Image a horse in that same desert (are you there?);
what is the colour of the horse?
What is the horse doing?

It’s a chocolate brown horse
It’s just standing there turning it’s head from side to side swinging it’s tail and looking at me

Question 3:
Come back to reality...
Give three reasons why you like water:

Quenches your thirst plus its good for you skin, digestion stuff like that
You can use it to make food
You can use it for cleaning stuff

Question 4:
What is your favourite colour?
Give the three reasons why you like that colour:

At the moment it’s green
It’s very bright so it just catches your eye
It ‘s kind of calming and sensual
It’s zingy

Question 5:
What is your favourite animal (Even if you don't like, what would it be if you do?)
Give three reasons why you like/would like that animal.

Cute little dogs
As mentioned above, they’re cute
They’re portable
They’re suitable companions

Question 6:
Imagine you wake up in a white room with no door, and no window.
What will be your first reaction?
What will be your reaction afterwards?

I’d first of all think someone was playing a trick on me and I’ll try to find my way out

Question 7:
Without thinking, name two opposite sex names that are not your family member:
(I had to think cuz I was just coming up with random names of people I didn’t know)

Question 8:
Without thinking, name someone from your family member:

Question 9:
Name anyone, same sex or otherwise, that is not a family member:

Question 10:
List four of your favourite music title:

Long way to go
I’m loving angels instead (is that the name of that song by Robbie Williams….I always thought so but it might not be)
Kiss from a rose
Dangerously in love

Question 11:
List four of your favourite location/city:
Erm…aunts house

Last One:
Arrange these animals according to your preference:
Tiger, Sheep, Cow, Monkey, Eagle

Eagle, Tiger, Monkey, Sheep, cow

Friday, January 26, 2007

Vals day: what does it mean toyou

Hey guys! watsup? Hope you all had a fun week. My week was cool.Today my friends and I had a water bomb fight...I know quite stupid considering the fact that it's winter but we weren't thinking and it was really fun.You should have seen me running up and down dripping wet!

Anyway, not much planned for the weekend, might go out tomorrow to the movies, bowling or somewhere and I might just pop into the shops. Last weekend I bought the cutest shoes ever, which I would not normally buy as they were heely shoes but I'm taking overwhelmed's fabulous tip. Everyday since I bought it, I try them on and look at my self in the mirror and they just make me so happy! Gosh! I didn't know you could get this much excitement from shoes!

As you might have noticed, I don't have anything in particular to talk about,I've ran out of things to say and now I'm scrambling my brain for something tangible to write about. Yeah, I'm trying to get somebody to send me val's gifts. Yeah,I know sound desperate but hey! whats a girl to do when the only excuse apart from birthdays to give gifts is coming and she's got no potential gift-giver? I've been working on it but you know I gats to do it jejely I don't want to the guy to pick race. If worst comes to worst, I'll just buy my self a gift and post it to my self. LOl... hopefully it doesn't come to that! All of you that are single and there's some random guy breathing down your next asking you out, let me give you some advice: Answer him. Even if it's just for the sake of valentines day, after that give it one month max, give him some excuse and tell him to carry im load comot. Sounds harsh?...... sit down there, when your friends will be gushing about their very romantic gifts on that day and you'll be sitting there with not even one rose to call your own, you'll tell me if it still sounds harsh.( Guys, sorry but thats the way it is, look on the bright side though, it'll be your chance to hook her for good if you impress her very well.)My was a girls school so we used to match junior girls(not just any other j.girl, the type you knew was willing to buy better gifts) and senior gals up for vals. On vals day, the junior girl would have to bring a gift for the senior girl and the senior girl would just give the j.girl assorted biscuit (any biscuit apart from cabin biscuit), drink, chat for a bit and thats it. The has gone away happy and the senior girl now has her gifts, you guys could become friends or you could just say hello to each other, or you could just ignore each other, whichever one suited you best. Things were so much easier back then Sigh! Seriously. For me vals day is all about the excitement of recieving gifts, it might probably mean something more if I was in love but for now that's what its all about! If you have any other opinions on vals day, feel free to drop your comments.

Hope you guys have a fab weekend, Until next time; STAY FABULOUS!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Perfectly boring!

I hate being in the midst of people that don’t speak English and especially don’t speak it even when I’m sitting at the same lunch table as them. I’ve told them countless times that it is rude to speak their language when someone who doesn’t understand it is there but they always slip back into it. I guess I can’t blame them cuz even me I lapse into naija English with my other naija peeps, which apparently they don’t understand. These peeps are cool when they speak English but when they are not….Gosh! They could be planning how to cut out my lungs during my sleep, for all I know, or worse they could be gossiping about my lunch saying I eat like a pig! For your information I do not eat like a pig! Talks about anorexia, these guys have it all. I mean how can a normal person survive by eating food like this:

Breakfast: 1 slice of bread, with a thin spread of butter, I apple and 1 cup of orange juice.

Lunch: A bowl of salad and 1 cup of yoghurt

Tea: The only time they have a plateful of food (even though, the only thing I can see are huge pieces of green leaves!)

So, can you blame me for imagining that they were actually fantasying about my food! I will not be intimidated just because I eat like a human being cuz I know I so do not eat like a pig! At least, I’m not so skinny that you can’t tell the difference between me and the skeleton in the biology lab! I’m a healthy size 10 and even at that my relatives are still complaining, they’re always like ”Tiwa! Look at your long neck, you better eat good food, ounje oyinbo yen, tio o on je ni on fa a”(this was a major failed attempt at writting yoruba..I But I’m not bothered cuz I like me the way I am.( Although , I kind of wish I had bigger boobs, but at least I’m grateful I have something, I know 20 yr old peeps who have nothing but groundnuts on their chests plus I still got time). I look in the mirror and admire my lovely tiny eyes, that make me look as if I’m squinting all the time, my slightly (very slightly) protruding front teeth, my long neck, my small boobs and my ugly feet and despite these imperfections, I still think I’m beautiful (I know I am cuz I get people telling me everyday, every where I go, they just can’t help but stare at me….lol) and these imperfections are what make me who I am ,Tiwalade.

Imagine being perfect, it’ll be so boring! You’ll have the same clothes as the other perfect “IT” girls, the same perfect shoes, the same perfect hair style, the same perfect faces (thanks to plastic surgery!), the same perfect size (that’s a size 6 by the way). To everyone out there who thinks they’re anything less than FABULOUS because of their imperfections, you got all WRONG! That’s what makes you the beautiful person you are!

I know I have seriously diverted from my original topic but hey “out of the mouth (or rather out of the keyboard)speaks the heart” Stay fabulous!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Look at me I'm fabulous!

Hey guys! Yesterday I wrote a very juicy and detailed post on my underage stalker but due to some complicated technicalities, it disappeared. Due to my inability to be arsed to write another long post, all I have for you are my ramblings.

Finished my exams today YAY! Next plan of action is me and my girls plotting our night out on the town and how we're gonna get into a club. Does anyone know anyone who can supply fake IDs? Unfortunately and fortunately, I know this isn't going to work out. It's unfortunate because it would have been a fun way to unwind after exam stress and it's fortunate because really and truly I don't want to go clubbing, I’d rather do something more exciting like...stay up all night and watch movies and gossip (I know I'm so not fun) but really I prefer this sort of night to going out to a club that is so much more stressful.

By the way, I've finally decided what I want to do this year. Quite frankly, I'm a rather confused girl. I’m caught up in the middle of so many things and I don't really know what I want, I don't know exactly what I want to become. So I'm setting out on a journey of self discovery and I want to be fabulous every step of the way. Even if the process takes longer on the inside I want it to begin to show on the outside. So If you guys have any tips on being fabulous, bring it on!

I just thought I'd mention that I'm loving Kirk Franklin’s album "Hero". I rarely hear any good Christian music that when I do I love them so much. There's also this Bible audio CD that I heard about. It has loads of actors and actresses taking on the voice of characters in the Bible and bringing them to life. The cast list includes people from Denzel Washington to Angela Basset to Yolanda Adams to Tyrese Gibson. I hear it's really good so I might be getting that, you guys can check it out.

On to something totally different. You know that guy I mentioned that I liked but didn't like anymore after a while....well now he has a girlfriend and jealousy is eating me up. I've told myself over and over again "Tiwa, you do not like him anymore and you will not be jealous" but it doesn't seem to be working cuz every time I see them together, I just get this pang of jealousy and even though I pretend not to notice them, I can see every move they make. Honestly, I don't know what my problem is. I thought I had moved on... but it seems that no matter how much I hate to admit it even to myself, I still have a major crush on dude. Hopefully it's just a phase I'm going through.

Catch y'all later!

Monday, January 01, 2007


Hey guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!lagos has been kool,....well not really, its been more like hooot!On new years eve I went for a fireworks display and you shouold have seen me jumping up and down like a chicken!Knockouts were flying everywhere..and I thought I was going to go deaf but afta like 10 mins I started to enjoy myself and I joined in in throwing the knockouts and watching the beautiful display of fireworks. After that went to church just in time to meet the years ending so that I could pray my way into the new year.As far back as I can remember, I've always said my first Happy new year in church. I think it will be a bad omen for the year if I'm not in church, I don't know why I just do.nyways hope all ofyou have made your new year resolutions, something I don't bother doing because I don't stick to it.I dont have much to sayso ciao!!