Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ARRRGH =) / Random

Right now my sister is annoying the freakin heck outta me! Like really really annoying! Family...u can't live with them and you can't live without them.

I dunno why I constantly find myself trying to live up to the expectations of la famila and as a result, I earn the title of the "good girl" which I totally hate. Me I'll be good, while the other people can be out there and out of control and even though they criticize it they are actually praising the other persons behaviour as well in a way.

I try to be me...but sometimes its so difficult to do that in my family environment. I love all 30 or so of them( yeah I have a huge family and they are all involved in my liffe, one way or the other) and I appreciate their prescence in my life but sometimes they can be so narrow minded and critical it drives me nuts!

*Sigh* I feel like most times I put on this front of who I'm supposed to be, so much so that I think they don't really know me at all. However, I don't know how valid that statement is.

In psychology, I learnt that people have different personalities that they exhibit in different situations. So you don't just have a personality, you have personalities that all combine together to make you. So maybe, that person that they know is me because it's the best me I deem fit for that situation.
I think I've lost a good few people Didn't intend to write a whiny post but oh well. Man proposes, God disposes =)

On a totally different note, did you guys notice the lyrics of Lil'wayne's "A millie" song? Imagine the guy advertising Nigerians as people with very tough hair "I'm a young money millionaire, tougher than Nigerian hair" (you can listen to the song on my playlist). Please me i don't have tough hair oh! My hair is luxuriously soft and silky, in fact sef, I should be the one modelling for the hair product soft and .This is what I wish.

I have discovered a lot of bloggers that have made me really excited again bout blogsville. I feel like I've been out of the loop for forever actually because I've only known about the oldies..most of whom have packed shop. So I've uploaded the new blogger template which I didn't even know about...Gosh! I'm so stale ... I know and I've added all my new found treasures to my blog roll =)

I guess "thats just the way garri crumbles" as quoted from Vindication's just had to add that in even though it doesn't really fit in.

Without even realising, I've been on blogsville for two years and a bit ..almost three years now. Time flies oh. Was looking back at my archives and I suddenlly realised how naive and innocent I was/am. The first time I got drunk/tipsy..whatever, the whole fiasco with my first kiss in spin d and my official first crush...considering all this was only within the last two don't have to guess that i was/am a very late bloomer...

Ok....I've been randomly rambling on long enough, so I'll just take a bow now as the shows is over and I hope thats a resounding round of applause I'm how i just stole Rihanna's lyrics

Nyways much love and stay fabulous!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Last weekend was a good weekend despite the fact that I still haven't found me a summer job.
Went to a beautiful seminar that inspired me to start living my dreams. Its amazing the amount of people walking around with buried talents and its amazing how a lot of people will die buried with these unexplored talents beacuse of fear. I've decided to take little steps at a time. I met some producer/song writter guy at the event and at least thats one contact. The thing is as much as I'm willing to pursue my dreams of singing and modelling I don't really know where to start from.

I don't really have much to blog about or rather I do but I don't know how to articulate it into this post. Found a lot of new interesting blogs though that are keeping me busy and blogsville idols is heating up.

Nyways, I'm out guys
Have a fufilling week