Friday, May 15, 2009

I see nothing from afar but I'm far from nothing

I missed my bloggyboo! lol. It's exams oh..I've been living in the library for the past week! Wishing all the people that are gonna be writting exams soon goodluck!Sorry for the random title.. just a catchy lyric from a cool song :-)..just felt the need to clarify

So, there was this heated debate on one of the comment sections on Bella naija about foreigners and "half-castes" in Nigeria. I really wanted to write a post about some of the issues raised there and just basically stereotypes in Nig but that requires too much thought and effort at this point so I'll have to postpone it to after exams. I really wish I had something more constructive to say but alas i don't so I'll do a quick 8 things thingie

8 random things on my mind...if you care to know
-I must pass my exams like !!! just cuz I know I can :-)
-All my life I've said I love jesus but I never really meant it till now..not that I hated him..but i didn't feel it or more like I couldn't feel his love..i knew that he loved me but I just didnt feel it. Now I feel like my hearts gonna explode from all the love <3 <3 <3
- I am so the apple crumble was yum!
-I can safely say that I've flushed the Ex outta my mind! Thank God!
- Jus saw a pic of Rihanna n *sigh* the girls lost it..The picture I am talking about is clean oh! before you go n start
-I need to do my laundry!
-"Kara kata lo mata" random lyric from a song I'm presently listening to on Gidilounge.
- And ooh talkin bout Gidilounge..jus heard my Ex by this dude called L...nice tune...I like the guy already although I do not share the same feelings he has for his ex

And I'm out!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The place I'ld most like to be right now is in your arms...but they're closed and I shut them myself

Relationships are just....drama, stress etc. jeez so ended it with the bf and whoever said honesty was the best policy??Can I have a loaded ak47 so i can shoot that toot! I just had to go n be honest..and say all the things I felt and why? turns out I'm a cold bitch..who knew

I'm glad it's over with sha, I can go n focus on my life properly now.

Yesterday, I didnt sleep till 5 am because I was watching Madea's family reunion and the thing was taking forever to stream. But I was so determined to watch it that I stayed up all night for it. I have never done a studying all nighter before oh? Its now for film. Lol. I just really wanted to watch it and couldn't wait till morning cuz I knew that by then I would have lost interest. It was worth it though...very good many deep truths were preached and it was funny as heck.

Saw this video on soulproxies blog and I thought I'ld share it with you. Enjoy