Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mii 2

Been thinking about a certain someone all day and I miss him. :-( I wish I had been less afraid/hesistant and made the most of our past time together...but then i didn't think I'ld end up liking him this much.. Oh well!

On to other things, babes have been on a very relaxed P mehn. Just sleeping, eating, watchin tv, facebooking and checking out blogs... don't you just hate it when certain words/trends just come n hijack your vocabulary/wadrobe and you wonder how you were ever able to succintly express/attire yourself when said word/wear was not invented. And don't you hate it even more when the same thing seems to be happening to everyone, and you are all carried away with the euphoria of the new found word/trend till it begins to suffer from overuse and misuse. Then the word/trend is punished by being banished into the pit of common-ness, razz-ness and so-last-year-ness. Leaving you to mourn the loss of your love.

I have a love/hate relationship with "in"-things..specifically reffering to fashion. While I want to be trendy, I hate doing/wearing what everyone one is wearing. Urgh! I just hate the whole me-too syndromne, If I'm not one of the early rockers of such things it hurts my pride to join in later and I am not an (obvious)swagger jacker..if you start something I'll leave you to finish it. But I am a freaking hypocrite! Cuz in more ways than one I am a big "mii 2-er" *Sigh*

.....................I know

lots of sweet hearts

Saturday, March 14, 2009


The days are getting longer and the sun is shinning brighter. Summer's round the corner and my hearts getting lighter. "I rhyme am well" just like M.I. Lol. If you don't understand you need to elevate your P and educate yourself bout M.I., kay? He's actually performing today in London...and I'm just confirming that I'm there in the spirit. lol

Thank you for the comments on my last post. Really thank you so much made me smile and made my heart all warm n fuzzy. :-)

So, I'm sure you guys are all aware of the recent changes to facebook...I absolutely hate it! Like evrybody's business is own your home page, every single wall message and what not. Apparently they're trying to copy Twitter with the whole "whats on your mind" thing mschew! Can they not just stay true to the tried and tested one we all loved? Have they never heard of if it's not broke, don't fix it??!

Ok, now my rant is over :-) Very similar to the statuses that kept cropping up on my home page after they made the changes yesterday. You can see how passionate peole are about their precious facebook. I know i am one of them as well. I've been trying to fight facebook though, and blogs as well. The amount of time I spend reading people's blogs and being on facebook is just ridiculous. So i gave them both up for lent for a day... that counts right? lol. i know just one day, 24 hrs but boy it was tough!

I found this article on yahoo: Get off facebook and get a life! very apt title. Basically it says that too much time being sent on social networking sites can lead to alterations in our genes which may have health risks and also affect our ability to communicate effectively with each other. Hmm

I know people who have deactivated their facebook accounts or who never had it and I think "Wow! How can you exist without facebook?" (Ok thats a bit extreme) But basically the whole facebook phenomena has changed a lot of things about our world. Talk about never getting out of touch with people. Old school peeps that you thought you would never see again suddenly pop up with friend requests. Some times, I think its a bit too much cuz you cannot keep carrying everyone you've known all your life along with you. So selective friend approval is key espeacially now with this new format that everyone can see what you're doing. Less dramatically you can just limit your profile etc.

Nyways, what are your thoughts peeps. To facebook or not to facebook? Are you a facebook addict, or used to be and conquered it?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Better now

I feel so much better now and I'm so full of thanks to God cuz he's amazing. Thanks Buttercup for the hugs. Sending lots of luv and hugs right back at ya

Thursday, March 05, 2009


I am really sad and frustrated at the moment and needed somewhere to vent. Can't call anyone to moan cuz I just don't know how to call people to talk about my problems plus i don't even have any freaking credit on my phone. Facebook status was an option...but too crying out for help/attention- ish. And then I remembered my dear blog. My only space to moan and vent and say what I like.

I'm frustrated because I am broke. Like finished my overdraft broke and I have so many things I need and want to do. It's such a sad situation. And I'm just sad because i can only see the negative side of everything right now. I have been so up and down this week. Started really down and then I got better and thought "Phew thank God that's over" Only for me to come crashing down again. I've been crying out for God cuz he's the ONLY person I can call on but I can't seem to reach him or maybe he's the one who can't reach me cuz I've put myself in this thick cloud of negative thinking/ungratefulness. Hmph! I just need a really big hug right now to hold me till I'm done crying and I'll be okay after that.


I hate how I always have to start a post with an apology about my absence from my blog but I can't help it because I feel like a bad little mommy who abandoned her child. I'm always here though checking out the latest updates on my blogroll and all but the inspiration to blog has just been nil. But I had to snap out of it cuz I was missing my blog too much.

Nyhoos, Naija bloggers awards is the latest development in blogsville. I hope you have all nominated someone for a category if not get to nominating...if the deadline is not past.

I have been keeping an eye on Kanye and his new arm candy lately and can I saw them two make an interesting pair. I dunno anything bout the details of their relationship but they've been seen at a couple of fashion shows together.

Chick has an interesting/edgy/kinda cool look and I can see that her style has been rubbing off on certain people. Hmm