Sunday, August 09, 2009

Break in transmission

SOOO... I've been AWOL for a long time. It's been due to restricted internet acess and lack of inspiration. In that time I've thought about shutting down this blog a couple of times..I feel like i've lost the zest for blogging. When I stumbled across blogville 3 yrs ago, it was what I needed, it was this new, exciting, unfound place. A place where you could be what you really wanted to be and it gave you acess to other peoples genuine selves as well.

Now, I feel like blogville has evolved and maybe I have too. I do love this blog, cuz its like an extension of me and so Its hard for me to shut down. I might just leave it floating along in cyberspace and I might pop up in some other form on blogville. But for now nothing's certain except that there's a break in transmission.

I Will try to keep my footprints around on your blogs tho.

yours truly,