Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hollywood's next top actress

Seriously, one minute time is going so darn slow and the next you're looking to find out where it went so quickly. Not much happened last week, usual school stuff (which means boring stuff like lessons and d like), although there is one highlight to my week. I acted in my very first proper drama! yay me! watchout cuz i'm too hot for nollywood, I'm heading straight to hollywood!! who dash monkey bannana? At first, I was very nervous about it cuz I didn't exactly plan to be in the just kinda happened that I auditoned and I got the part. Although there were a few mishaps on stage like er........forgetting my lines, I didn't do too badly! I didn't know that there was a hollywood star in me all along. So, I've started searching for the perfect designer dress to wear to the movie awards to collect my award for Best new actress. Are there any blogville stylists that can get me the perfect dress, just know that I don't do cheap. I want something stunning and sexy. I will also need a hairstylist and a makeup know I have to look perfect on my night. However, all this would be on credit, because as you know this is only my first movie...........but if you help me look stunning enough to get another part.........I'll make it worth your while. When I become a big actress, you'll start reaping the benfits and you won't regret it ; ) And of course, I won't forget to thank you when i'm collecting my award. LOL

Thanks, for you ideas on what to get mumsie for her birhtday gift, I was planning to buy something big, but I guess it's really just the thought that matters but i still try and get her something nice.