Sunday, September 24, 2006

I can't be bothered to think of a title

Hope you guys had a nice weekend, cuz I did. I went to watch Children of Men in the cinema and it was really cool although it was sad, it was a really good movie. It was quite a scary illustration of the future with all women being infertile and london being as horrible as that!
On to something else, I,ve been thinking about somethings. what do you guys think is the right age to start dating? I have my own views on this and I think the right age is 16( this is not becos i'm sixteen too). Some of you are probably thinking "SIXTEEN no way! how can you start dating at sixteen?" well, what age did you start dating? huh? and by dating I don't mean actually sleeping with a guy. Which brings me to another question , can a guy and a girl "go out together" without actually sleeping together?

Also what are your views on inter-racial dating? (I'm hoping thats what its called). Personally, actually no, theoretically, I think its alright but practically i don't know if I would ever. There's this german guy in my school that I kind of fancy but the only problem is he's german. I know this sounds racist but I guess its the way I was brought up. Not that my parents are racist, they actually have friends from lots of places and I also have lots of freinds from other backgrounds but thats freindship not an actual relationship. My mother would probably go bonkers if in future I decide to marry an ibo man (which is very likely considering the fact that Lemar has Ibo roots).

In secondary school most of my Ibo friends didn't mind marrying Yoruba men but most Yoruba girls didnt think they would marry outside their tribe? I dont know about hausas cuz I had only one hausa friend, who was practically yoruba, and she was open to all tribes. So does our culture influence our choices or is it just individual differences?

I know my questions are kinda wierd but I just want to know what people think about such stuff.

One more thing, this week we were having a class and we were talking about the Richest and the poorest countries in terms of GNP per person. One chinese guy actually had the guts to say Nigeria was one of the poorest countries! I had to give the guy some education on Nigeria. Thankfully the teacher agreed with me that Nigeria is definitely not one of the poorest countries. One of my classmates actually asked me if we lived in normal houses or huts in Nigeria! I keep explaining to these people that Nigeria is not a jungle and although its not as developed or as economically stable as Britain it's not as bad as they think. I don't really blame them anyway cuz the only pictures they ever see of the place are filled with hungry looking children and dirty roads. I wonder why no one ever shows them the nice parts of Nigeria but then again wouldn't we just be fooling ourselves if we only showed the nice parts and totally forgot about the horrible parts and the poor people.
Anyhoo, you guys have a nice week and please leave your comments!Ciao!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A whole new world

Wow, its been such a long time! I've been so busy, I just started school in a boarding house somewhere in the country in the north west of England, and it's been awesome.

Before I left, I though it was going to be horrible, I kept worrying about how I was going to survive. I had to live in the same house with white people for almost a year, which i thought would be very uncomfortable, I had to eat nothing but disgusting british food, i would be cut off from the modern city life of london and the shops i had grown to love. Oh!, it was unbearable to think about. I kept begging my mother not to let me go but she kept on telling me that I would be alright and that I was just being silly.

Anyway, on the set date my mother dragged me along to the school and dumped me there (ok.., she didn't dump me there, she was actually reluctant to leave) . So, there I was all on my own in this new strange place. Until I found out that my room mate was not only a nigerian but MY SECOND COUSIN! and that they were also two other nigerian guys there. I actually went to the same school as one of them for a year and my sister knows the other one. Plus the food isn't all that bad, although it takes a bit of adjusting to but its not bad at all. To add more icing on the cake, today we actually got to visit the nearby town of lancaster and I was reunited with most of my shops.

So, so far its been really far from the horrible experience i was thinking it would be , the people have been really nice and I've started getting comfortable and I'm hoping it stays this way. In a way I'm so happy I came down here cuz it gives me an opportunity to experience a totally different world and so many things I would never have done ordinarilly and I might actually come out a better person. I almost let the fear of being in a place stop me from experiencing wonderful things. So, from now on I've decided to always be ready to explore new horizons if somebody else has done it, you can do it too!