Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yo people! So whats new in the life of moi? nothin much just the usual repetitive cycle of life and the chaos in mind. Nyhoos, I've been thinking, really thinking about how I want to start doing something USEFUL. Not useful for me but for other people around me. I figured it'ld be something to do with my three loves; God, Music and fashion. Hmm ..tough cookie. The God part has to do with the purpose of the project. So basically maybe like a charity thing or maybe a way of expressing God's love through music/fashion. Tricky I know. And the fashion/music bit will obviously be the content. If anyone has any bright ideas, or if you just think you'll be interested email me. U never know. Till then I'll keep working on it.

By the way, I watched Breakfast at tiffany's the other day and its such a gem of a movie! Loved it. Plus just look how fabulous Holly looks in that pic. I know you've all seen the picture before but really have you seen the fabulousity of it, the perfectly coifed hair with the tiara like hair thingy, the classic wayfarers, the exquisitely gorgeous in your face necklace, the long gloves, and the fact that shes holding a cup of coffee and a croissant(at least I think it is). Have you ever had you breakfast looking that fabulous? Over the top to say the least but undeniably fabulous. (Okay, if, i had a pound for every time I've said the word "fabulous" in this post I could slowly begin making my way out of this economic sorry for the overdose but i couldnt think of another suitably appropriate word :-))
Vals day is round the corner...hmm.. interesting...wot u got planned? anything exciting? I'll find something to do but I have to make a mental note: next time you want to end a thing with someone do it after vals day, its more fun :-)

Did you hear that Chris Brown beat up Riri?? Wonders shall never end, I'll be looking out for the official true story cuz I refuse to believe everything I hear.

Alas, we've come to the end of another random post. Have a lovely week and its goodbye from me! (I should so be a tv host...not. lol)

Chocolate hearts!