Saturday, May 05, 2007

He's watching you, he's lookin at your ass!

Hey guys! Hope you all had a lovely week? My week was alright, rainy, but still alright. I've been studying alot cuz my exams are coming up and panic is grabbing me, which is a good thing because it is that panic that is making me study hard. Nyways, can you imagine, you know the dude I was talking about in my last post, I found out that the guy was always staring at my ass. He used to do it so often that his girlfriend had an arguement with him over it. Hmmm, on top my flat ass! I was shocked cuz I never even had the slightest idea that he used to stare at ass, course, our eyes jammed a few times, but I didn't know it was not my eyes but my ass that was attracting all that attention. I can't blame him sha, even though I think my ass is a bit flat, it's still better than his girlfriend's Oyinbo one. His loss though cuz that piece of news made me loose any trace of the crush I had on him. Now, I'm even wondering what I saw in him in the first place, he's always doing big boy too much and he's not even that fine sef!
I'm really missing all my peeps in naija, like seriously! My sis, is so funny. Everytime she wants me to call her, she just sends me an email saying"Tiwa it's very very urgent, abeg call me" the last one I recieved was " Tiwa, it's a matter of life and death! call me plus I have plenty jist for you" lol..abeg tell me how does jist combine with matters of life and death. When I call now, she'll be like "no...I just wanted to hear your voice" You gotta love that babe. when I was in Naija we used to fight like hell, but as they say "Absence makes the heart grow fonder".
Gotta run now, take care y'all and have a lovely, lovely weekend!Adios!

It's been a long time!

Hey guys, longest time. been really busy and I have exams coming up so I'm really jacking and all. Wish me luck! Plus, I've been dealing with the heartache of unrequited love..... sob.... Okay.., maybe it's not full blown love.....alot more like 'like' but it's still unrequited sha, that's the koko. The whole jist is that there's the guy I really like but the problem is he has a girlfriend. Can you imagine? I like a guys who already has a girlfriend, how sad is that, hmm. Thing is, I don't think he really likes the chick according to rumours he is just using her for a bit of bootie. Shey,after hearing such rumours, I shouldn't have just removed my eyes from there. Afterall, I can't like a guy who treats his girl like that, if he does that to her he'll obviously do the same to me if we ever get together but no, my people my eyes no gree leave am! and for weeks I was dwelling in the fantasy that he actually really liked me and was just using her to make me jealous because our eyes were always jammimg, like seriously, I used to catch this dude staring at me all the time and he was always really nice to me. But, thankfully I have now come back to my senses and realised that "a little eye jammin and niceness don't mean the dude like you so Tiwa, move on up!"Plus, me and the guy used to yarn only when there was no one else around, dodgy right?Anyway, I think i can say that I'm almost totally over him. I'm sure he's no good anyway.

To a much brighter and exciting note, I am loving summer right now! The sunshine just lifts my spirit and makes me smile. I have been lying in the sun all week, the problem is I have forgotten that i am not oyinbo and I have gotten a bit darker which I am not lovin at all! Do you guys know, if sunscreen can help reduce the darkening effect of the sun on my skin? (Don't mind my oyinbo!)

I was also in a really cheesy school prospecteus photoshoot. You know those kinds where you pretend to be studying with some one looking all serious, or having fun in class, or walking down the hill with a buch of friends and you guys look like you're having the time of your life...that kind of photoshoot. At the end of thing, my cheeks were aching from smiling and laughing too much. Every time we posed for a picture, the yeye photographer kept saying "even happier, bigger smiles". I don't think I ever smiled so much in my life. We were just smiling at everthing! Those pictures are going to look so fake! They kept taking us to all the fine places in the school that we students starngely have never seen the school head's back garden. So, that the poor prospective students will think we're living in paradise. yeye people! But it was fun sha! and i got to skip all my really boring classes.

On to something else, I was on naija vixen's blog recently and I saw the video of one guy called KAS. I was very suprised cuz I remember like two years ago I met this dude. we were some place, that i can't remember and he heard me and a friend talkin about naija songs and he came over to us. He said he was a musician and at that point in time we had never seen, heard or even smelt a whiff of any one called KAS, so we were quite skeptical. Nyways, dude gave us his cd with his number on it. When I got home, i threw the cd somewhere and that was the last I heard of it until a few days ago, after i had seen his video on naija vixen's blog. This thing pained me because if I had called the guy around that time he gave me the cd we may have become pallies and now, I could have been boasting everywhere that I knew him. Me, that i have been looking for some famous person to claim eversince. Can u imagine? If i call him now he'll be like "what, tiwa from where?" I messed up big time mehn! I could, be getting free tickets to gigs and all that now. Oh well! I hope he makes it big time sha. Nyways,that's all for now folks, hope you all have a fab week! ciao!