Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hey blogsville! Wasaaaap! Mehn, I’m not even a dedicated blogger at all…dunno it just takes real effort to sit down and write a post when so many other things in my life are waiting for my highly demanded and important attention. I’ve been up and about reading different people’s blogs though. I honestly don’t think I can cope without checking out blogsville once in at least 3 days. Ever since I came across Trae day’s blog, on that fateful day in 2005 when I was bored out of my mind in college, I’ve been hooked. It’s like getting a sneak peek into the lives of all these people that you don’t even know and most likely will never know in person. How people divulge their fears, hopes, joys and sometimes every last minute boring detail of their life on their blogs, something that you would not normally be privy to in real life without at least a few months /years of friendship or acquaintance. You get the real person there on their blogs without all the BS (snobbery, fakeness etc) in real life. On blogsville everyone is just who they are; people living, chasing dreams, living with facing fears. It seems like I actually know these people sometimes. You even get to experience second hand certain things in life that you probably would never go through by reading other peoples blogs and learn from other people’s experiences and mistakes. It’s just very exciting that no matter how bored you are at a particular time you can be transported into the exciting, dramatic, interesting, different lives of other people, who unlike characters in books are real and not fiction. I learn a lot of things from some of the blogs out there, they entertain me, they make me think and reflect and some inspire me. However after a brief stay in blogworld, I often come back crashing down to earth when I log off the computer and realise that “Oh I’m in school a sleepy town and now I have to go and do that English essay for tomorrow” Don’t get me wrong, I love my life but sometimes………

Humph! As much as I would like continue my in-depth reflections of blogsville, I guess I better change the topic if I want anyone reading this post till the end. I was going through my inbox today and looking at mails from as far back as 2003. It was really cute the emails I used to write and all the ones my gellers from back in the per there not being mobiles back then, I had quite a stash of them in my inbox. Unlike now where phones are the main means of communication and the only emails I get are from facebook, forwarded mail and just the occasional messages that someone actually sits down to type. I also came across the bit where I had a cyber I am very embarrassed about this now but It was this interactive game thingy where you went on cyber dates with this cyber guy. It was really real as in you had the first “coincidental” meeting and then the guys asks you out and then you got to the cinema or lunch and so on, lol. I actually remember the whole thing I really did it out of boredom and in he end the guy broke up with me cuz I missed a load of our ‘dates’ and I didn’t reply his emails. Chei! Imagine being dumped by a computer! I have suffered…lol.
Moving on, I miss all my old school friends. So many of them that I’ve lost contact with… that’s partly my fault cuz after janding, I jaboed a lot of people (don’t blame me calling cards are expensive). It’s sad though cuz even though we had good friendships then it may not mean anything at all if and when we ever meet again. But as my mum always says “you’ll always make new friends”. And I did make new friends all over again when I started boarding house in England. However very shortly, I’ll be leaving them and having to make new ones all over again. Ah! The cycle of life/friendships continue. Talking about friends; I have this friend of mine who I love to death but the girl has skoin-skoin. I’ve thought about slowly distancing myself from her because really she’s not the best influence. But lai lai! This girl did not gree. In fact, she started saying that I’m her bestest friend all the ish that goes with that..??!! As in I’m so confused, she’s a cool girl who I love to hang out with but as I said, she has skoin-skoin. Sometimes I think I can handle her and so maybe it’ll be alright if I still remained friends with her but the wise side of me is saying “eni to ba baja rin a je gbe” (...or something like that, my memory of Yoruba class isn’t that great) Basically, “the person that walks around with a dog will eat shite”). Hmmmmm

Anyways I’ll leave you guys with this: a smile goes a mile to wow somebody, so keep smiling always!!

Have a fab week!!