Tuesday, December 12, 2006


It's been a while..the internet hasn't been working in school and all that. lots been happening and I'm still trying to catch up!my birthday was on thursday turned 17 YAY! came back to london yeasterday and today I'm going to Lagos!
It was quite hectic in school trying to finish up all my work a week earlier than others but it was all worth it cuz by Gods grace tommorrow I'll be basking in the Nigerian sun.

For the first time in my life I got a little tipsy (note: not drunk just tipsy)thanks to my lovely friends that took me out to dinner on my birhtday. They kept offering me more and more wine and me too I kept drinking it.After us lot drinking too much wine we started singing on the streets before we headed the play ground.T'was quite fun and very giggly.

I'm happy I've left school for a bit cuz my horizons have been quite limited and short sighted.That's the reason I started fancying one guy, that outside school I would not even think twice about.....Okay I might look twice cuz this guy is FIT! but I won't think too much bout him. He was the one I said was giving me mixed signals in my previous post.But now I honestly think I'm over him cuz I just can't work him out. One minute, he's all over me and I'm thinking the guy is feeling me. The next time, he's just acting all cool and distant.So I've decided he probably just likes me as I friend and I think I was just confused, I don't really like him its just...ot uf a limited number he's the most faciable guy to me.However, I'm sure if I see more eye candy I'll totally forget all about him cuz I so do not want to be thinking about one guy dat does not even ja me face!