Monday, December 03, 2007


These are all the things that give me a warm glow when I think about them. Actually, they give me sleepless nights. I was jejely trying to get some sleep, when I started writing up this post in my mind. Anyways, here goes:

TY Bello: This photographer and singer is a role model and inspiration of mine. She’s God fearing and hip at the same time. Really loving her album Greenland, had to get mumsi to send it to me from naij. Songs I’m really loving on it are Greenland, Funmise and Ekundayo. Tres, tres lovely

Four Kornerz: These guys are like the hottest gospel band around. They performed once in my church and that was it! Love! Their album soulelectric is also really hot. Was supposed to see them in concert bout two weeks ago but couldn’t make it due to the status of my pocket. Sob, sob. It really pained me when they didn’t get the best gospel award at the mobos because I voted for them so many times, it’s all good though. Nyways, if you guys don’t know them already you have to check out their website

Nneka Egbuna: Just found out bout this chick and I am yet to lay my hands on her album, heard some stuff on her website though and seen the video of uncomfortable truth. I’m really liking what I’m seeing so far. She’s been dubbed the new lauryn hill. What I like the most about her is her naturalness. She’s seems so unpretentious and she’s got a lovely voice. She sings gospel too which is a plus. Wish her all the best!

Duro Olowu: As you can see all the people so far on my list are Nigerian. Just trying to support peeps from Greenland. Nyways, This guy is a top designer; he showed his collection at the London Fashion week a few months ago. Loved it plus there was loads of green stuff in it and I’m a sucker for anything green. Seriously tho, very talented guy and it’s always good to see a Naija person doing something well and succeeding at it. I wonder if I could get a modelling contract or something from this guy in return for all this publicity….lol! Just trying my luck.

Prison Break: Wentworth Miller is so HOT and he’s even hotter playing Michael Scoffield in this show. I always feel kinda macho when watching this cuz it’s quite intense. It always leaves me jumping on the sofa out of anxiety and they are very good at leaving people in suspense. Good watch!

Heroes: This is also one of my fav, TV shows. Hiro must save the world! Lol. There’s a guy that can read peoples mind, a guy that can travel through time, a guy that can explode, a girl who heals and all sorts in this one show. The last episode of the season is coming up this week. What am I gonna do on Wednesday nights now ehn? Sob. I’ll miss you.

Green: What started out so innocently is now a wild love affair. I am in love with this colour. It’s vibrancy, its freshness and how good it looks on me just gets me every time. Sigh, I’m so in love. Green clothes, green shoes, green eye shadow… but no matter how much I love you, our love cannot extend to green hair and crazy stuff like that. Lol! I don’t think I’m ready for that level of commitment.

Ankle Boots: These sexy things are so in season right now and its paining me cuz now I have to share them with everyone. But honestly high heeled ankle boots are just fabulous!

Agyness Deyn: I don’t but this chick has something bout her that you just gotta love. First time I saw her in a mag, she was wearing this ridiculous dress but she still looked uber fab in it. Watch out Kate Moss.

American Gangster: On a normal day, this isn’t my cup of tea but my man (said slowly in Denzel Washington’s voice) I love this movie. It’s a true story about a mobster drug dealer in the 70’s. I saw an interview with the real Frank Lucas and he’s a changed man now, campaigning to stop gangsterism. I have a friend who aspires to be the next Frank Lucas. God help him!

Kanye: Was also supposed to see Kanye few days ago but my plans got messed up. I’ve always loved Kanye, he’s just so cool. He also beat 50 in the contest for most albums sold. I was very happy bout that cuz I really don’t like 50 plus I think Graduation is really good compared to what quite a few people think. Anyway, I really sympathise with him for the loss of his mom. Stay strong my brother.

Adrian Grenier: This guy is officially the cutest guy alive. Move over Lemar, it’s time for a new flame (I’ve had a crazy crush on Lemar for years). He’s the boyfriend in The Devil wears Prada, he’s on entourage and he also has his own band. Love, love love!
Christmas: Don’t you just love Christmas! The lights and decorations everywhere you go, singing Christmas songs in the snow….okay, I haven’t seen snow for the past 2 years but still, Christmas is just the best time of the year. I have my birthday 10 days before Christmas, you get holidays from school, get to home and spend time with family peeps you don’t normally get to see, parties, free money and presents. The only thing that would make it even more perfect would be sunny weather, which is why I have to go to nig. Please help me pray cuz I really want to go home for Christmas. All I want for Christmas is La-a-a-lagos!

My peoples, that’s all I got for you. Hope everyone is in the Christmas spirit as well. Nyways, I need ideas for something. Things to do before you turn 18. Feel free to drop comments on this and don’t feel limited…lol, I’m feeling very adventurous.
God keep and bless everyone visiting here. Stay Fab!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


OMG! I have just gotten rejected by one of the uni's applied to! I'm begginning to panic now. What if I don't get any offers! I am really worried at this point, almost paranoid. God help me.