Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Free songs

I am now faced with the dilemma of where to get songs to download. This wasn't a problem before, as I was a major dealer in limewire and the rest until some one told me it was illegal. Well, I'm not totally convinced because it's so easy and it's FREE, tell me, what wrong with that!
Anyway, even if I don't totally agree, the person has made me aware that it might be wrong. As a result every time I want to download some songs, my conscience doesn't allow me because I begin to remember all the stupid things the guy was saying about robbing artists of their money and that as I want to become an artist myself in future, I shouldn't do that else people will also rob me. I mean puleease!, those guys already have so much money , they wouldn't mind if they got robbed off of just a few dollars...Plus if I was as rich as those guys, I wouldn't mind too!

Despite my arguments , I still can't get to downloading the songs (I don't know the kind of mashmallow conscience I have!) so now I'm looking for an alternative way to get my songs but what do you guys think, is it really wrong?

Onto something else, I just found out about this really cool gospel group called four kornrez. They are four Nigerian brothers (brothers.. asin of the same father) Deji, TJ, Vidal and Daniel(check them out in the pic above...aren't they cute, that's just by the way) who grew up in Lagos but later moved to London. I've only heard one of their songs called "yes I know" and I was able to download it for free (they were giving it out, I didn't steal from them) and I loved it. They have this jazzy modern fresh sound, you can listen to a sample of their songs on their website or their myspace page(where they were giving the free download, Hurry you might still be able to get it!)here's the link free download.