Sunday, October 21, 2007


Why, just why do I find myself thinking about you a lot more than I should?
I'm trying, trying really hard to stop myself from liking you as more than a friend.
I hate, hate the way I find myself wanting to hear your voice more than once in a while.
Why, why do I have the feeling that if I ever allow myself to like you, I'll end up regretting it.
I really can't handle this. I just wish I could get you out of my head

Friday, October 19, 2007

Finally found my way back

Hey guys! I'm back ! it's been a long while I know. Ive been meaning to put up a post for ages and I had a very long one prepared but I kinda deleted it by mistake.
Really missed blogging but Ive been so friggin busy.

Nyways, loads of stuff's happened since my last post but I cant fit it in here. Right now I'm in my final year of A levels, hoping to get to uni nxt year. I hope I get into the uni I wanna go. Doing this, ultimately means working very very hard. God help me.

I think right now I'm in the middle of some kind of evolution. With me hitting the big 18 very soon, it seems like I am actually growing into a more mature person. For the first time I have started to see thing in a different light. I am beginning to actually know myself.

From the little knowledge I am beginning to grasp of myself, I'm hoping to apply it in certain areas of my life. To actually start the process of building dreams that have been accumulating.

God help me.