Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tacky lines or worse... stalkers!

It's so annoying when guys come up to you on the road and ask " can you be my girlfriend?" or start confessing undying love, I mean plsss, the day before you didn't even know I existed and the next day You're in love with me! How stupid can guys be?

So yesterday I went out to do some shopping with one of my friends. She just moved with her sis into a new flat and she wanted to get some household stuff. As we were going into one of the shops, I noticed two guys also entered the shop with us. We bought some things there and left the shop. As we were going into the next shop, one of the guys said hi and kept going so I just thought he mistook me for someone else. When we entered the next shop the same guys came in behind us. Coincidence right?.... Yeah, that's what my friend and I were saying until the same guys followed us out of the shop and to the bus stop.

That was when I started getting scared, It's not normal for two black guys dressed like hooligans to be following you about in London. All the stories I'd heard about people being killed by the roadside for no apparent reason, started haunting me. We kept waiting for them to get into one of the buses that kept coming but they didn't. The stupid bus we were supposed to take was wasting time and the guys were still standing there.

We now started planning our escape route. We were going to jump on the next bus that came and when the guys get on the bus we would quickly get out of the bus through the other door. Ha! Writing the plan makes it look stupid but at the time it was the best we could come up with. Unfortunately or fortunately for us the next bus that came was the one we had been waiting for , so we just fashied the plan and told ourselves that it was daylight, the couldn't do anything to us in full view of everyone and that we were probably just exaggerating they weren't following us.

Lo and behold the guys followed us into the bus and sat down right at the back of us! It was not funny at all because me and my friend could not even talk of what to do again because they would hear us , I tried speaking to her in yoruba but she reminded me that they might be Nigerians. So we sat there laughing about our situation but not talking about it, we decided to talk about other things like "LAST PRAYERS!".

We were almost at our destination when one of the guys tapped me and said "hello", I didn't know whether to laugh or cry but instead I just smiled at the guy. Next thing he said was " Immediately I saw your pretty face, I knew today was my birthday, that's why I've been following you" My friend and I just started laughing, from relief but mostly because of the two stupid guys. They must have been very jobless. Luckily for us we were getting down at the next stop so we just ran out of the bus.

I mean what planet are these guys from, it's one thing to use very stupid chat up lines and it's entirely another thing to scare the hell out of some one and use stupid chat up lines.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Ego le

I know I should blog more often but mehn it's almost impossible to. I always have so many things to do and believe blogging is always the furthest thing from now. But, hopefully all that will Change now cuz school's gone out for the summer. Although I've been feeling a bit down lately, the fact that I don't have to get up at 6:30 anymore and endure the stupid remarks from my teacher, is enough to lift my spirits.

Anyways, right now things are not that interesting. Everyone's traveling for summer and I'm desperately looking for a job. Mehn, this job hunt thing is very annoying in London oh!I've dropped about thirty c.v's in even some stores whose names I can't remember. I started this job hunt about two weeks ago, so that I could get a headstart before all the desperate people who had run out of money and were ready to take on a extra part-time summer job.
The job thing is really depressing me because I really need cash. I'm (by God's grace) going to Lagos this Christmas and I can't go empty handed. All my family members (some of who I've not spoken to in the past year I've been in London) will come barging into my house demanding their Christmas gifts. The thing is I just can't turn them away empty handed because I used to do the same thing back then! SO, to do this I have to get money and to get money I need a job(or do u have any other brilliant ideas on how to get money!) and time is running out( u know time is money now!). I only have this summer break to get a job cuz after that it's back to school. It's at times like this I wish my father was a billionaire.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

There is hope!

I was very suprised when i saw a picture of John legend with a naija nodel called Tayo Otiti on someone's blog. The first thing that came to my mind was "All the way". It would have been a different thing if it was someone like Oluch onweagba he was going out with but to hear he's going out with a Nigerian who's not been in the limelight before! Anyways, thats really good for them. Although I like John Legend , i don't love him enough to be jealous of her instead she gives me hope.
For years, I've been announcing to the whole world that I am in love with Lemar Obika . Sure they all laugh at me and I really just say it for jokes but mehn! I really love that bloke. I had his poster in my locker in secondary school and every morning , I would look at it before going to class and send him a kiss. I also have this friend who also loves Lemar so we' were always claiming him publicly and all fighting for his love that was never there. One time I heard he was performing in marks and spencer for their anniversary and it was free. I was so happy, my friend and I jumped on the bus and we were so happy on the way imagining all the things we would do or say if we saw him. Ha! all for us to get there and for them to tell us he had gone already. Mehn! that was such a joke, I was so devasted. I couln't face going home and getting laughed at with remarks such as " After all the noise you were making "( and believe me we made a lot of noise about it) . So, till this day both our families think we saw Lemar for real and that we spoke to him.
So as I was saying this John legend and Tayo story gives me hope that one day it'll hit the newstands that "Lemar is going out with a naija model"(The model being me). It'll just be like a deja vu. The same story but with different characters.( don't you dare say dream on sista )
Talking about deja vu, have you guys heard Beyonce's new song with Jay-z called deja vu. The song is hot. That's now my favourite song (for this week anyway,Ill have a new one next week). Anyways, I've got to get ready for school tommorow (aarrgh!) so bye.