Sunday, November 30, 2008

The chronicles of Nigeria: The prince, the witch and the bad name

First of all excuse the tackiness of my title..i jus couldn't

Ok, is it just me that is frustrated with all the bad press Nigeria has been getting this past month?
First of all every Tom, dick and Harry is claiming to be receiving emails form Nigerian Princes and other guises that Nigerian scammers use. Supposedly, they have now even stepped up from emails to facebook. As in what the freak! I read three different articles about this in the past month alone. Those that are not even scammable plus the gullible ones that have actually been victims. Nigerians need to please stop disgracing our country and bringing all these stupid insults on our name. Abeg!

Next, it was the documentary that aired on channel 4 about witch children. Talk about bringing out all the skeletons in our closet! Ok, y’all know this phenomenon of children being branded witches and wizards has been going on in Nigeria 4rm time. But its one of those things you only hear stories about and the stories are always told from the perspective of the victimised family/bosses etc. Also all those dodgy Nollywood movies helped perpetuate the idea of these evil witch children. So, granted, we were ignorantly living with this phenomena without anyone recognising the plight of these stigmatised damned children. I think that’s why its good to get out of Nigeria to escape the suffocating mentality that you don’t actually notice until you’re out of it. You know like when you’re in a smelly room you become so used to the smell that it doesn’t bother you anymore or you don’t notice it until someone from outside comes in and makes you uncomfortably aware that you are sat in a smelly room. That is exactly the case with this documentary. It shamefully opened up our eyes to what we have been allowing in our country. To make it even worse it was now aired on Channel 4! Do you know how many people watch that channel? They were now doing reruns again?! Now almost every person in England will associate Nigeria with Ignorant, religous crazed people. Not minding that this documentary featured just one part of Nigeria but we will not go into that right now. Cuz really and truly the whole of Nigeria is afflicted with Religous crazed ignorant it the extremism of sharia law in the north, the overzealous witch branding people of the south and just the ever readiness to blame any unfortunate incident on supernatural causes.

It did not end there oh! Some journalist went on to write a story about how day old babies were being sold over the counter in Lagos/ Enugu (the writer was confused about the location). That one got on the yahoo news headlines. That one caused another uproar about gross human rights abuse and yadayada. Excuse my language/tone. I’m not in anyway justifying or condoning all the stupid shameful acts that have been carried out by Nigerians but there is only so much damage that the Nigerian label can take! I mean I have to tell people I am from this goddamned country (We’re not goddamned in Jesus name…lol) and then I have to now be associated with all this bullshit.

Please this our generation better be more sensible. I can only hold a little hope that we would try to change our dirtied image in time. People in general just like to dirty our name whatever chance they get and we give them too many opportunities to do this! So people, pls try to be the best Nigerian you can be! American & British People love being branded by their nationality because they are proud of it. Whatever you do you cannot deny your nationality, so make it something you can be proud of.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I LOVE KANYE WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just had to say this. No, I have not just seen him in concert. I wish I had. And no, I have not listened to his new album. I can't wait for it to come out!

But I just read an article bout him and he's lonely apparently and he needs love, so if you see this Ye, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dudes and Dudettes

Ok, so theres this dude I've been chatting to on the phone. I've never seen him before but he saw me at a party n got my number from a friend. From all the info I've gotten, dude is not that good looking but he has dough to make up for it. Not that it matters cuz I'm not THAT interested in faces or his money. At first I was not interested at ALL. As in I jus saw him as nuiscance. But a few phonecalls later, dudes not SO bad. At least he'll do to keep my phone busy right? Ok, so, now dude wants to meet up. Wants me to come down, and as much as I would love a free ticket to london I have made other commitments with my girlfriends at the only time it will be possible for both of us to meet. N after initially saying I would come, I changed my mind, cuz really, its bros (girls) before (male) hoes. So why am I feeling a tad bit guilty???? BS!

Onto a sweeter dudette, My handsome train lover! lol. I swear I'm in love with the guy. We had one long 2hr interesting convo on the train. Almost missed my stop cuz I was so into the convo. We're now facebook friends, one look at his profile and I've fallen even deeper in love! lol. I've been thinking about dude so much its crazy! I hope something good can come out of this... even though theres a 1 in 200 chance of this happening cuz we live in different cities, hes English, yes British English ( this is more a problem against me rather than for me cuz i don't mind dipping outside my race but does he?) and just a tad bit too short for me! lol! Despite my love being doomed, it's really fun, exciting and best of all pain-free!

I should really be working, cuz God know I have LOTS of work to do.
Nosa, will do the tag soon

Rasberry muffin love!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Long time no write! been hella busy....and lazy i will admit =)

Nyways, so whats new? Barrack Obama is now the president of the United states...Is that surreal or what? I mean, I still remember those days when me and dude used to This is the current trend for everybody (Kenyans, facebook people with everyone profile pics n status, JayZ , the formerly proud "black republican" to be claiming Obama) so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. You know if u can't beat them join them. So, I'm telling you now- Obama used to toast me way back in the days...until that fabulous michelle came n stole my man n now my dream. I could have been the first lady! lol.

On the real though, dude has what it takes and the guy can Speak! I watched his acceptance speech and I was almost moved to tears and I'm not even American and the dudes father is not Nigerian. lol. So whats now my own to be feeling all emotional. I swear that guy put jazz on his tounge or something. Which leads me to something else, I have this funny/crazy feeling/theory about dude. But I am not about to share before people will crucify me.

Back soon.