Tuesday, November 28, 2006

45 Random stuff about me!!!

I've finally gotten round to doing one of these memes. Everytime I try to do one it always looks like so much work but anyhoo here goes

Whats your name spelt backwards?:) awit! see,even with my name spelt backwards I'm still a wit…lol
What did you do last night?: Had a spanish lesson and watched team America.
The last thing you downloaded onto your computer?:I don’t remember
Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery?: What!! who does that? not me!
Last time you swam in a pool?: I dont even remember...i think like 5 years ago
What are you wearing?: white top, green cardigan,jeans,white trainers…(yup repping naija green ,white ,green)
How many cars have you owned?: Well, let me see ..first I had the rolls, then the jaguar and I just got the that’s 3 not bad eh?…..(na beans!)
Type of music you dislike most?: hardcore metal..argh its just a load of noise
Are you registered to vote?: nope..under 18s not allowed.that law should be ammended. 16 yr olds are allowed to go into the army and be killed but they can't vote for their leaders.
Do you have cable?: I don’t think I can survive without it
What kind of computer do you use?: It is written on the computer i'm using right now ;LG
Ever made a prank phone call?:yup! those things are fun ..there was even a time we called this number and a guy picked it up. told him I was a unilag chick and we'd met before, the guy was too happy he thought he had struck gold..he was like his wife was with him at that time so he couldn't talk but that he'll be coming to my school this evening to pick me up , that I should give him my name and the name of my hall. Can you imagine the shameless man, he was old enough to be my father Oh! Useless man but that was a good laugh
You like anyone right now?: yess! and its so frustrating cuz the guy is just giving me mixed signals!
Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?: God forbid! bungee what!
Furthest place you ever traveled?: Nigeria to london
What's your favorite comic strip?: don’t read ‘em
Do u know all the words to the national anthem?: Yup, after singing that naija national anthem everyday on assembly ground in school..
Shower, morning or night?: mornings and sometimes both
Best movie you've seen in the past month?: Casino royale..that movie was too bunz.. the guy isn’t that fine but he was really cool
Favorite pizza toppings?: chicken and sweetcorn with peperronni...yummy
Chips or popcorn?: chips!
What cell phone provider do you have?: Tmobile
Have you ever smoked peanut shells?:peanut shell!!! no oh!
Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?:yup in school and i'm proud to say I won
Orange Juice or apple?: orange
Who were the last people you sat at lunch with?: couple of friends!
Favorite chocolate bar?: Dat one is hard oh!but its between kit kat,snickers,toblerone and bounty

Who is your longest friend and how long?: my longest friend is a sweet heart and its been 6 yrs

Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?: Don't think so
Have you ever won a trophy?: got one in pry school for coming first in a race
Favorite arcade game?: dont know what games they have in the arcade.. do they have tetris in the arcade?
Ever ordered from an infomercial?: Nope!
Sprite or 7-UP?: aren't they the same?
Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work?: yup to school.
Last thing you bought at Walgreens?: I dont think they have that shop where I'm located

Ever thrown up in public?: thankfully not!

Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love?:)finding true cant beat that!

Do you believe in love at first sight?: i believe in instant attraction at first sight not love

SPONGEBOB OR JIMMY NEUTRON?: they're both very stupid

Did you have long hair as a young kid?: Nope. used to cut my hair and i remember the first time I cut my hair in pry school, my teacher kept going on about how I was now the smartest kid in her class cuz I had my hair cut...?don't ask ME why!

What message is on your voicemail machine:"hello..hello..heeelloo..whos this?.. Why're you calling? .. im' not here right now.. so drop a message .I'll holla back, bye!"

Where would you like to go right now?: To lagos!

What’s the name of your pet?: Don’t have any pets

What kind of back pack do you have, and what's in it?: don’t carry a backpack, but I’ve got hand cream, usb cable,pack of tissue, pencil case, one huge text book and a couple of notes, vaseline, a mirror , purse and loads of receipts

What do you think about most?: How the hell I'm gonna do all my school work in so little time!
{I tag anybody who reads this!)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Home sweet home.. no more cold

Mehn! I'm literally counting the days till I go back to naija.I've only been away for a year yet it feels like millions of years.Christams is gonna be so fun! All my family people are going to be there and we're going to seriously rock lagos!!I just hope everything goes according to plan because this one I've started making mouth...I've not even bought my ticket yet but mumsy says I should not worry...i'm not worrying but hmm.... me I must sha go to lagos this christmas!

Last year's christmas was so shite! Everyone's like "Oh!christmas is coming" and the houses are all lit up and everything seems to be getting ready for a climax on christmas day... On the so called christmas day everything is so boring,you just sit in your house and eat your christmas turkey. You can't even go out for the fear that you will die of cold! Talking about the cold, yesterday was horrible. I went on a school shopping trip to manchester.Typical me, I walked round the mall till my feet were sore and I had seen all the seeables and bought all the buyables.Anyway,I was looking forward to getting back, having dinner and completing my course work. All for the bus to break down on the way back to school and we had to stand outside in the cold. We couldn't stay in the bus because of one safety issue like that..we could get hit by a car while we were in the bus or the car could explode,oyinbos and their safety issues, if it was in naija even if the car is bringing out smoke they will still be in the car and be like "explode ko..explode ni.. wo! just buy pure water and pour it inside and lets be going"..oh bless them! Anyway, the getting out of the car didn't make it any better because we could have also died in the cold they told us to stand in. When we thought it couldn't get any worse, it now started raining..mehn! it was so not funny! we stood there waiting for AA to come for almost an hour! At one point I had to start laughing cuz if not I would have cried plus we were squeezed together in one big circle trying to stay warm and we all looked like penguins! Not long now'll soon be in the warm climate of nigeria and then you'll be complaining of the heat.

Nyways, all you people spending your christmas in jand pele Oh! while you're eating your christmas turkey , I'll be eating some efo! don't let me rub it in too much! bye!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

What's it gonna be?

I've always had perfect eyesight, my grandmother is 64 and she doesn't use glasses. So how come at this young age I cant see properly again. I’m so pissed of at this and although in sec. school I always wanted to wear glasses, now the thought of it is horrible. I guess I can use contact lenses but the thought of poking myself in the eye everyday that's even worse! Sigh.

In school, we're doing a work experience thing were we have to find work placements for a week in a place in line with what we want to become. That is a major problem for me because I don’t know what that is. I guess I have an idea...more like i have lots of ideas of what I want to be. I’ve wanted to be so many things in my life. When I was younger I wanted to be a singer and I used to sing everywhere I went. After that, I wanted to become a lawyer, cuz everyone was always saying I’d make a good lawyer as I used to argue a lot with everyone about random stuff. Then in Jss1, I wanted to be a cardiologist.... I don’t even know why, I guess cuz the name sounded fancy. Then, I wanted to be an accountant or just a businesswoman who wore proper corporate clothes and worked in a big company. The idea of becoming an accountant went squash when I found out that accounting is the most boring thing I could ever do, I barely passed it my WAEC. Now, I think I want to be a corporate lawyer but I'm not very sure about that now cuz it doesn't sound very interesting and I still want to be a model/singer (although these are dream as a result of watching to much Britain’s next top model and X-factor!). I really need to sort this out.

All my aunties are always asking " so tiwa what are you going to study in uni?" "What do you want to be in future?" most of the time I always just say something random like " Oh! I want to be a pilot" or "I'm going to study engineering" blah blah but that’s only to save face cuz I don't want the "You have to know what you want to be" lecture as if I don’t know that already. Sometimes I think I don't really have to worry I can just study anything and in future hopefully I marry a rich guy and I don’t have work hard for money, I'll just have a shop to keep me busy. But I know that’s not a good plan what if the rich husband doesn't surface? I'll have to struggle for the rest of my life. I want to get a degree and get a really good job so I don’t have to struggle like that.

Anyway, I've yarned too much I have to go and do some homework.... arghh! Tell me, why am I in school again…yeah I know so I can get a good degree and a good job and have loads of money! If only it was that simple!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Truth versus lies

Hey guys! long time.I've been really busy with school work and stuff.This A level is work oh! but I'm ready to stick it out.

Last week I caught the "I want a boyfriend" bug that was floating around in school. At first I was like Why are all these stupid girls moaning about wanting a boy friend, then it hit. The love sick couples holding hands and kissing everywhere get to you. At first it was very irritating( it still is) but after a while you start thinking " oh! I wish I could have that". Anyways, so I joined the I want a boyfriend team. All the other girls had a guy they fancied, but I didnt( well I have one but its very complicated so I might as well just forget it)so I wanted a boyfriend and I couldn't have one, not while I was in this school! So I just had to get over it. One of my very serious friends who I didn't khnow was in our "I want aboyfriend team" had a guy she liked. He's actually the guy half of the school girls like, he is fine but apart from that I don't know what they see in him. The guy is a well known player. My dear friend knew his reputation, it was even a topic of discussion in their family cuz both her parents knew him and thought the same of him, but she was falling hard and fast. They had been emailing each other for a while and the guy was kinda hinting that he liked her.She confronted him bout his player ways and the guy gave one very touching story that he wasn't what she thought he was and said that she was his dream girl in pry school(cuz they went to the same primary school)and all that very soppy stuff

This kind of situation is very difficult, you know the facts in your mind already, that the guy is a player but one part of you wants to believe him, wants to believe that even if he was, he'll be different to you. You know, just like in the movies, the bad guy meets this girl and completely changes because of her.Even if you know that he's probaly lying , the idea of that romance, makes you believe it.This was the dilenma, me being the romantic that I am was, kept urging my friend to belive him and give it a chance.

The problem was that this guys ex, Who is my friend's friend(lets call my friend Bibi)told bibi that she still likes the guy. Ex had a party last week and guy was there.There was a rumour that the two hit it off, bibi asked guy about it and he denied it.Guy, probably didn't know that Ex and Bibi used to talk, so one day bibi and ex were talking and katakata burst.Ex said that guy and her kissed and all and bibi told her her own story.As thay were talking now,guy was coming and immediately he saw the two of them together he ran away.

I know this isn't a very serious situation,its not like he was going out with any of them but the thing is how do you know when guys are lying. It's like their lies always seem more like the truth and their truths more like lies.The line betwen lies and truths becomes so blurred that you don't see it anymore. Seriously, its a matter of God help us! Only God can help us.I think I've gotten rid of the "I want a boyfriend bug" but its still lingering somewhere there.All the fantasies still lurking behind the common sense.Waiting for the next guy that will make them reappear. As for now they're tucked safely away.