Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mii 2

Been thinking about a certain someone all day and I miss him. :-( I wish I had been less afraid/hesistant and made the most of our past time together...but then i didn't think I'ld end up liking him this much.. Oh well!

On to other things, babes have been on a very relaxed P mehn. Just sleeping, eating, watchin tv, facebooking and checking out blogs... don't you just hate it when certain words/trends just come n hijack your vocabulary/wadrobe and you wonder how you were ever able to succintly express/attire yourself when said word/wear was not invented. And don't you hate it even more when the same thing seems to be happening to everyone, and you are all carried away with the euphoria of the new found word/trend till it begins to suffer from overuse and misuse. Then the word/trend is punished by being banished into the pit of common-ness, razz-ness and so-last-year-ness. Leaving you to mourn the loss of your love.

I have a love/hate relationship with "in"-things..specifically reffering to fashion. While I want to be trendy, I hate doing/wearing what everyone one is wearing. Urgh! I just hate the whole me-too syndromne, If I'm not one of the early rockers of such things it hurts my pride to join in later and I am not an (obvious)swagger jacker..if you start something I'll leave you to finish it. But I am a freaking hypocrite! Cuz in more ways than one I am a big "mii 2-er" *Sigh*

.....................I know

lots of sweet hearts


BSNC said...

lol @ Then the word/trend is punished by being banished into the pit of common-ness, razz-ness and so-last-year-ness.. yea i feel u

Buttercup said...

lol babe u r somn else..i feel u tho..

awww @ u missing 'him' :(

CultureCynic said...

u r making sense dear. but the way to not do that so much is too do your own thing. find the distinction between fashion and style and thread it. style is independent of fashion u can pick and chose the stuff you like, or ignore the trend completly. don't appraoch it as something that needs to be followed but as something to be set, add to or totally ignore. Do it your own way, challenge the trend by extending it till it becomes something else. u can still manage to stay aboove trend by not following it all, wear things when you get around to it, regardless of whether it is in or last year. buy things you love, wear it in new and fresh way and you wont feel like a mii-2er, mix it up, try shopping vintage(that never goes out of style)....moreover who cares there is nothing new under the sun, Wear what makes sense to you ,as long as you do it with your own interpretation/twist and creativity, u will remain true to yourself.

Afunto baby! said...

in some way u wanna b able to express yourself in a different way, you wanna stand out from the crowd. in short u wanna b unique?? pls correct me if im wrong..

DeeDee Brighton said...

lmaooo @ obvious swagger jacker
aww about the guy.. i hate it when that happens..

Tiwa said...

@BSNC- lol.thnk God I'm not alone on this

@buttercup: thanx for the sympathy

@culture cynic: first off i love how u always have alot to say bout everything(i've seen ur comments on other blogs :-)) secondly, thanks so much for the words advice..made so much sense and it makes me see the whole trend thing in a whole new way. :-)

@afunto baby: exactly! being able to forge my own style/way in a trend ridden world

@deedee: I know.. i hate it too :-(

RocNaija said...

Uhmm.. Me thinks there's a word for that... uhmm... can't think of which one... starts with a 'V'... uhmm.. vain?
UNless you start a trend.. It's pretty hard not to be a swagger jacker, no?

Tiwa said...

lol.. I know thats why i hinted at obvious

But maybe I am a bit vain as well..we all have a weak spots..but I reckon I'm not "obviously" vain either