Sunday, May 03, 2009

The place I'ld most like to be right now is in your arms...but they're closed and I shut them myself

Relationships are just....drama, stress etc. jeez so ended it with the bf and whoever said honesty was the best policy??Can I have a loaded ak47 so i can shoot that toot! I just had to go n be honest..and say all the things I felt and why? turns out I'm a cold bitch..who knew

I'm glad it's over with sha, I can go n focus on my life properly now.

Yesterday, I didnt sleep till 5 am because I was watching Madea's family reunion and the thing was taking forever to stream. But I was so determined to watch it that I stayed up all night for it. I have never done a studying all nighter before oh? Its now for film. Lol. I just really wanted to watch it and couldn't wait till morning cuz I knew that by then I would have lost interest. It was worth it though...very good many deep truths were preached and it was funny as heck.

Saw this video on soulproxies blog and I thought I'ld share it with you. Enjoy


Tairebabs said...

Sorry about your break up. I like to think of my breakups as new beginnings. I love Madea's family reunion, infact I love every Tyler Perry movie.

RocNaija said...

Awwww... Sorry about the breakup..

I guess he's made you a better person for the next person in your life..

Then again maybe you just hate his guts too much to think that way, right now..

BSNC said...

when one door closes another one opens. it is well

lol at least the movie was worth all the time

Bibi said...

although u are right about relationships being stressful, it still must have not being easy for you. the breakup i mean. so , sorry bout that

*Diane* said...

break ups are the worst. *hug*

Miss Az`ure said...

Lol...are u just getting around to watching that movie? thats long o. But hope ur keeping well with moving on...what comes after...Detox!!! dats the hardest part babe...Brace urself!!!

Buttercup said... r u holding up, sweetie??

Original Mgbeke said...

Honesty is not always the best policy o jare. But hey, you said your piece and it's off your chest, at the expense of you sounding like a bish. lol
Madea's family reunion...that was a good movie. My fave of his movies is probably why did I get married?

Tiwa said...

Tairebabs: thanks sweetie..i guess you'r right, so here's to my new beginning

RocNaija:Thanx, I guess he has made me a better person for the next person and the funny thing is that I don't actually hate him..I couldn't really

BSNC: Thank God it was worth it! To think that It would have all been in but still never again

Bibi: I know despite how I make it sound it really wasn't easy..thnx for the luv tho

Diane: *recieves hug* thank you :-)

Miss Azure:I know I'm very late that was what added to my determination to watch the movie cuz I'ld always wanted to watch it but just never got to. and I know, that really is the hard bit I was considering defriending him on FB but I can't do that considering the fact that we resolved to keep the peace and stay friends..I just have to be strong

Buttercup: Dyu know I don't think I'm doing too badly..the worst is over. but thanks for the concern :)

Original Mgbeke: Yeah I did get it off my chest and in the end now that I look back..I think it was worth it.I know Tyler Perry movies are ace(even though i've only watched like two) Was chris rock in the "why did i get married movie" Think I might have watched it

Original Mgbeke said...

No he wasn't. It was Janet Jackson in it...
Oh I think you are talking about 'I think I love my wife'. lol

Anonymous said...

"...but they're closed and I shut them myself" yes, there are times we have to consciously shut them ourselves.

Tiwa said...

@ OM: yeah! thats the so now im going to watch "why did i get married" :-)

@rethots: Yes, my brother, yes.Painful they maybe but neccesary.