Thursday, June 26, 2008


Free. That’s how I fell now cuz I have finished my exams!!! I am very happy as well but my happiness is slightly marred by the panic of what my results are gonna be. However, I’m trying my very best to stop worrying and just focus on having fun till the d-day. But mehn, it feels good to be over with least for a while before I start all over again.

By the way, my old crush is coming to visit this weekend. He’s not coming to visit me of course as we were only really acquaintances. It really sucks cuz I kept forcing and convincing myself that I had forgotten all about him and couldn’t care less and it worked…until I heard he was coming. I mean I don’t really like him anymore but still its crazy cuz I’ve planned what I’m going to wear on all the days he’ll be The plan is to make him regret that he let the chance with me go by and maybe even push him to spit some game. Lol…I know its not going to work but there’s no harm in trying...besides I really don’t have anything better to do with my time. I know I’m happy and free and all that now that I’ve finished exams but I’m also bored as hell. I really should pack my bags and just go home avoid the whole situation altogether but I wanna spend as much time with my school friends as I can now cuz I know there’s a high possibility that I will never see some of them again.

I was on pink satin’s blog the other day and saw that blogsville08 is coming soon. I am really contemplating becoming a contestant. I dunno though….still thinking. It would be really fun even though I’m not exactly Leona Lewis or Beyonce. As I said earlier on, I’m jobless, so anything to keep me busy. What I should really do is go and look for work, which I am planning to do soon. For now, I’m just enjoying this having nothing to do thing….I know, I’m very lazy :-)

Nyways, I’m out!
Stay blessed.